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About Paul H Buys Houses

Paul H Buys Houses is a family owned business. We buy houses in Connecticut, and have been doing so for nearly a decade. Our win-win solutions help homeowners get out of sticky situations… like owning a burdensome property, inherited house or anything else. When you sell your house, we offer a competitive price. We move quickly to closing. And with the certainty Paul H Buys Houses gives, you can regain peace of mind and move on.

Our Core Values

  1. Have Fun and Be Different
  2. Always Genuinely Care
  3. Be A Beacon of Positivity and Possibility
  4. Consistently Improve and Innovate
  5. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open Minded
  6. Be Transparent, Trustworthy and Honest
  7. Deliver WOW Through Great Service
  8. Be Grateful for Everything
  9. Sustain Consistent and Predictable Financial Growth
  10. Keep Our Promises

Our Team

 Owners: Paul and Marguerite Haughton

Meet the “Power couple.” Our professional careers include Finance, Banking and Operations Management. We bring our skills and winsome personalities to creatively solve some of the most pressing real estate problems people face. Our effective, no-hassle approach helps our customers regain peace of mind. When they are ready to sell, we are ready to buy. Contact us today and learn why most people choose to work with us.

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