Want To Sell Your Rental Property in Connecticut?
We Might Be Able to Help.

If you are an out-of-town owner and need to sell your rental property, don’t panic. We buy properties like yours.  

For most out-of-town owners, a rental property is no walk in the park. Without a reliable property manager, the challenges can be overwhelming. Are vacancies being filled? Are rents collected on time? Are repairs being made as needed? Is the lawn mowed? Are there loiterers or unauthorized occupants? Is the property being vandalized? At the same time, you have to deal with expenses like taxes, insurance, utilities and other upkeep costs.

Being an out-of-town owner can be a headache! 

Some people we talk with didn’t plan to become absentee owners. Something happened that forced them into that situation.

Does one of these sound like you…?

  • You tried to sell your rental property before you moved, but didn’t get a good offer.
  • You thought your house was sold before you moved, but the deal fell through.
  • You got a good job offer and had to move before you had time to get the house ready for sale, and you can’t afford two house payments
  • You had tenants in the property, and thought you would hold on to it for the income, but it turned out to be more trouble than you bargained for.
  • You inherited the property and waited months for the court to give you permission to sell.

Or maybe your story is completely different…

Maybe your circumstances changed due to illness or just being sick and tired of dealing with all the headaches of being an out-of-town owner. You just want out!

We can help.

If your property is causing you sleepless nights and unnecessary anxiety, contact us right away! We can offer you a solution that works for you. When you sell your rental property to us today:

  • you will never have to worry about making another repair ever again
  • you can stop spending money on a property you do not want
  • you can avoid the recurring monthly costs like taxes, insurance, and utilities
  • you won’t ever have to deal with vacancies and tenant problems again

Here is what you do next.

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